We're your Neighbors...We know what Works!

Axxess Airmax is owned, installed and supported by local residents.  We use this service for our own home internet!  We wanted a good internet service and realized that many of our neighbors had limited options for good, stable internet. We want to share our experience with our community.  We  installed Fiber networking and it will be available in small area of service right now.  We perform free Home Site Surveys to make sure your connection will be consistent, quality highspeed before signing up with any of our plans. We are limiting our service to this small area and we will not allow our services to be overloaded or bogged down by adding as many clients as possible.   This and quality equipment will ensure your internet experience is top notch!  If interest grows we will add to our infrastructure and allow for more clients in the area.   Please contact us anytime to see if your home or business is in our area and/or on our future plans!

We offer our internet service, but with over 30 years in the IT/AV,  Communications and Security industry, we can help you will all your technical needs! Ask us today what we can help you with in your home or business!

Your Connection to the World that's not a snail pace!

Highspeed  internet is here.